Get The Best Haircut of Your Life!

Getting your hair cut regularly is one of the most essential aspects of good hair care. A cut can minimize frizz, promote growth and boost your confidence. BIBO Salon is the destination for any haircut in Oakland, and our stylists specialize in offering clients the much sought-after Calligraphy haircut in Oakland. Whether you are looking for a complex cut or a classic bang trim, our staff will give you the hair you want.

Cut and Style

There are plenty of places to get a haircut in Oakland, but you want to know that the stylist handling your hair is a pro. We can provide a basic maintenance haircut to keep your locks healthy, or we can collaborate with you to help you bring your dream style to life. No matter how simple or complex your desired cut is, we will work with you to achieve the results you want. Finish off a fresh cut with styling options such as braids, an updo or one of our signature blowouts.

Calligraphy Haircut in Oakland

BIBO is always on the cutting edge, and our mastery of the Calligraphy Haircut in Oakland is no exception. This innovative style—created by using a tool not unlike a calligraphy pen—is proprietary to a select few salons in the US. Its popularity is reminiscent of The Rachel revolution, and this exclusive new haircut offers the following benefits:

• Universally flattering
• Compliments facial features
• Showcases hair’s volume
• Protects the ends of hair

Get Perfect Bangs

Anybody who was impulsively tried to cut their own bangs at home knows that the results are often not as they might hope. Cutting bangs is a work of art, and it is best left to a skilled stylist. At BIBO Salon, we specialize in providing bang trim and cut services to clients. We offer a wide range of bang trim styles to suit your style and hair.

To schedule a haircut in Oakland or come in to have your bangs trimmed, call us at 510-838-2426 and make an appointment with one of our professional stylists.



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