Hair Treatments

Revitalize Your Hair With Our Rejuvenating Treatments

Sometimes our hair needs a little boost to look its best. Our staff provides the most restorative hair strengthening in Oakland, including hair shine, hair hydrating and hair volumizing treatments. To protect your hair during the bleach or coloring process, or even to simply repair damage, we offer the highly esteemed Olaplex hair treatment Oakland style experts frequently turn to.

Our Hair Treatments

We’ll give your hair the pampering it needs. We offer a wide variety of treatments to repair and renew damaged hair:

• Olaplex 15
• Hair Strengthening 30
• Hair Shine 30
• Hair Hydrating 30
• Hair Volumizing 30

Hair that has been damaged by prior treatments can be renewed with a hair strengthening in Oakland. For hair that needs some oomph, our hair volumizing treatment can give your locks that extra lift. If you’ve noticed your hair is looking duller these days, a hair shine or hair hydrating process can add moisture, so your hair practically glistens in the sunlight. Combine the Olaplex hair treatment in Oakland with any number of other stylish upgrades, including perms and coloring procedures, to keep your strands from breaking.

We Can Revive Your Style

When your hair is damaged, your style is held back from its beautiful potential. We’ll help you turn heads with hair strengthening Oakland locals are sure to notice. Our salon takes full advantage of the revitalizing power of the Olaplex hair treatment in Oakland.

If your hair needs a recharge, let us help! Call (510) 838-2426 to schedule an appointment.

Hair treatment salon Oakland


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