Hair Texture

Switch up Your Hairstyle by Changing Its Texture

Whether your hair is stunningly straight or captivatingly curly, you can completely change your look around by hitting the other end of the spectrum. We can add attitude to those straight locks with permanents (“perm”) in our Oakland salon, or calm the chaos with a hair relaxer Oakland curly tops love.

If you have more frizz than you can handle, we also offer revitalizing Keratin treatments (AKA Brazilian Blowout). The lotions typically used in “Brazilian Blowouts” are made with formaldehyde, which is considered toxic. Because we value your well-being, we don’t use formaldehyde in our formula, ensuring your health and safety.

Our Hair Texture Treatments

We have three key texture options for you to choose from, depending on your hair’s existing texture. Curls can be a feisty and fabulous way to enhance your fashion choices. Create some bounce to your style with one of our permanents/perms in our lovely Oakland salon.

Of course we know that curls are beautiful, but if you’re ready for sleek, smooth sophistication, a hair relaxer may be just the style you need. For hair that’s seen some damage or with excess frizz, we recommend the safe and effective Keratin treatments our Oakland hairstylists believe in.

• Relaxer from 100
• Permanent from 120
• Keratin treatments from 300

Turn up the Volume on Your Hairdo


You may love your hair’s natural movement, but sometimes you just need to change it up. We love serving our local clientele with permanents/perms Oakland residents

enjoy styling. Unwanted frizz doesn’t have to be a problem when you take full advantage of our formaldehyde-free Keratin treatments. This process can revitalize your damaged hair for that silky, smooth look you desire. For hair that just needs a little straightening, a hair relaxer in Oakland should do the trick.

We’re here to help you amp up your everyday hairstyle and add some pizzazz to your look. Book your appointment now by giving us a call at 510-838-2426.

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