Hair Color

Get Your Hair Color Perfect

There few changes you can make that alter your appearance so drastically as a new hair color. Even an update as subtle as getting (hair) highlights at our Oakland salon can brighten your face and bring out your best features. BIBO Salon offers hair special effects in Oakland, ombre in Oakland, hair tint in Oakland as well as the best Balayage in Oakland.

Balayage and Ombre in Oakland

If you envy trendy hairstyles features dark hair faded into beautiful, lighter colors, you have two options to achieve this effect. Balayage in Oakland is a specific dye method in which highlights are applied to the hair’s surface with a brushing technique. Ombre in Oakland has a similar effect, but rather than simply dying the surface of hair, a lighter tone is applied to the entire bottom portion of your tresses.

Hair Tint and (Hair) Highlights in Oakland

Highlights have evolved and changed substantially over the years. While bright, obvious streaks were trendy in the 90s, subtler, more delicate coloring is now in style. We carefully match (hair) highlights in Oakland to the color of each clients’ hair to achieve an effect as subtle or dramatic as you’d like. If you want a new color without the commitment of permanent dye, we also offer hair tint in Oakland.

Highlighting or choosing hair tint offers these benefits:

• Try a new color without full commitment
• Minimize the processing you subject hair to
• Change hair’s look while keeping natural color intact

Hair Special Effects in Oakland

Maybe subtlety isn’t your style, and you want hair that announces your entrance into the room. Investing in hair special effects in Oakland may be for you. We offer special effects that create colors more neon than natural. If blue hair sounds more appealing than blond, trust our stylists to give you the color you want.

Whether you want hair tint in Oakland or Balayage in Oakland, BIBO Salon has the tools to realize your vision. Reach out to us at 510-838-2426 for more information on booking.


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