Your Resource for Novalash Extensions in Oakland

Your eyelash extensions are an integral part of your look for any special occasion, but you need them to look natural. That’s why you need Novalash when you are looking for eyelash extensions in Oakland, CA! BIBO Salon offers Novalash extensions exclusively, providing our clients with top of the line extensions from certified Novalash experts.

Certification Counts

The Novalash system is unique both for its approach to applying luxuriously voluminous, but natural-looking eyelash extensions and for the results the system obtains. Stylists looking to be certified to work with this system must work with the Novalash company to master the best practices for application, and continuing certification includes training in advanced techniques. This helps ensure every application of the Novalash extensions in Oakland is as expert as if it was being done by Novalash product technicians themselves.

Special Occasion Makeup and Eyelashes

Why get high-quality, durable eyelash extensions in Oakland without the makeup that makes them pop? BIBO makeup artists are ready to set you up for any occasion, from a quick express application to help make a professional presentation pop to a full glam face for formal events. Not only will you get a great, original look that complements your new Novalash extensions, you can also count on our estheticians and stylists to provide:

• Hairstyles and haircuts
• Hair treatments, coloring, texture changes, and more
• Skin peels
• Waxing services in Oakland, CA

When you’ve got a special occasion to prepare for, we’ve got you covered. Let our stylists work with you to create a unique and complementary look that will make all your event photos pop. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town, looking to make an impact at a job interview, or setting yourself up for a lifetime of memories on your special day, our team wants to make sure you look your best.

To make an appointment, call us at (510) 838-2426. We are open until 8:00 from Tuesday through Friday, and we have accessible weekend hours too.



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